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Can I have your autograph?

As more and more characters return to Disney World parks and restaurants we have character AUTOGRAPHS on the brain!! Our kids love collecting character autographs on all our Disney trips! And we must admit we do, too. Such a timeless, classic tradition that we enjoyed as children ourselves. We still have our old childhood autograph books today!

The classic autograph book is great. You can find many different book options on property at Disney World, on Amazon, or ShopDisney. If you are looking for unique or alternative options for collecting signatures from your favorite Disney pals then check out our favorites below!

Custom Signing Board- Main St. Craft Co makes the most magical custom boards perfect for character autographs! What a special keepsake you can happily display in your home as a visual reminder of your family vacation.

Disney Books- We are obsessed with the Disney Little Golden Books! They add the perfect amount of nostalgia to your collection. You can even choose the book with your favorite characters. Side note: This collection of special edition Disney Parks Golden Books is way too cute and is now in my shopping cart!

Mini Canvas Boards- Another great option for displaying all the autographs at home. We prefer the mini size (5X7), so our kids can easily carry around in their smaller hands. Just make sure the pen or sharpie you bring will write on canvas!

Picture Frame or Mat for Frame- Place your favorite Disney picture inside your autographed frame and you have the perfect magical memory combination!

Do you and your kids enjoy obtaining character autographs? What is your favorite method for collecting these special signatures? Comment down below, we would love to hear from you!

*Disclosure: we only recommend products we use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission.


Allyson Marks

Travel Advisor | Blogger

Allyson is an independent travel advisor with Castle Coaches Travel. Her specialty is crafting custom, stress-free vacations for families. Allyson is a former Disney World resort cast member, and currently resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband and 3 children.

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