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What's in our park bag?

There is a certain art to packing a theme park bag. You want to make sure you have everything you need, but also do not want to end up with a bag that is too heavy or cumbersome. Strollers certainly help for storing additional items, but can easily fill up fast if you pack too much. Through plenty of trial and error we have perfected our park bag packing list to include the following items:

*Disclosure: we only recommend products we use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission.

  1. Battery Operated Stroller Fan - We love this fan! It's versatile, and so easy to adjust on your stroller.

  2. Soft Cooler Bag - When bringing a cooler into Disney we find soft, smaller coolers work best. They take up much less space and are easier to maneuver. Remember you can bring ice into the Disney theme parks as long as it isn't loose.

  3. Mickey Pacifier Clip - Pacifier clips are a must for our babies! They are at that fun age where they love to throw everything. Cannot tell you how many pacifiers we've lost this way until we discovered the magic of the paci clip. How cute is this Mickey one??

  4. Stroller Rain Cover - Having a rain cover for your stroller really makes dealing with the inevitable Florida rain storms much more possible. We recommend using one like this that easily folds up, so it is not taking up unnecessary space when not in use. You are bound to experience rain at least once during a park day, and we are true believers in sticking it out and making the best of it!

  5. Instant Cold Packs - Have we mentioned Florida is hot? We like these instant cold packs that can be used for a variety of reasons like sore feet or body parts, bee stings, and heat exhaustion. We will pack one or two in our park bag just in case, but you can also ask for ice from most quick service locations if you need it.

  6. Suction Plates - We stay on the go in the parks! We find suction plates and cups are best to keep our little ones from throwing their snacks to the ground. These also work great for when you find a park bench or table to take a break and have packed your own food for your kiddos.

  7. Disney Sun Hat - Sunscreen is not always enough to protect their little faces from the Florida sun. We also put our babies and tots in sun hats. We love this pink Minnie and Daisy hat, but we also like this blue Mickey version.

  8. Reusable Straws - We have become accustomed to always carrying straws around with us because it just makes drinking and sharing water bottles so much easier. This way when we buy a water bottle from a stand in the park, we can easily slip a straw in for our younger kids to quickly sip from.

  9. Ponchos - Along with the stroller rain cover, ponchos are a must for dealing with the sudden Florida rain storms. We always try and make the best of a rainy day, and keeping everyone dry with ponchos makes this a more doable task. They also come in handy for water rides like Kali River Rapids and Splash Mountain. We like these because they have both adult and kid sizes in one pack.

  10. Pouches - We pack a few other snacks as well, but applesauce pouches are our go-to favorite. They work for our babies all the way up to our older kids. They are easy to grab and go, and are so helpful when you find yourself with a hangry child that needs a little pick-me-up.

  11. Portable Charger - With the change from Fast Passes to Genie+ along with the addition of Disney's Magic Mobile we find ourselves using our devices a lot while in the theme parks. A portable charger has become a necessity. We like this pack of two that is compatible with most phone types.

  12. Cooling Towels - All you have to do is wet these cooling towels (hot or cold water) and they provide instant cooling relief. You may find you do not need both the cooling towels and the cold packs listed above. We like to have options, especially after recently experiencing numerous park days while pregnant. You can never have too many ways to cool off, and fortunately both options take up very little room.

  13. Sunscreen - We prefer organic sunscreen safe for babies as we have little ones. The convenience of using spray on sunscreen is appealing, but we like the old school rub on kind because it seems to be more effective at preventing sunburn with our kids. We aren't taking any chances with the hot, Florida sun!

  14. Milk Snob Cover - We are huge fans of Milk Snob! We love the fabric and prints, but honestly the versatility of these covers is the major selling point. We use them as covers while nursing, as car seat protectors, and sun shields. A great addition to your park bag if you have a baby!

Additional items: diapers, wipes, pacifier, change of clothes (baby/toddler), extra socks, and band-aids.

Most gift shops sell basic medicine like Tylenol or Advil and every theme park also has a First Aid Station. If you forget any baby/toddler necessities you can visit the Baby Care Centers located nextdoor to each First Aid Station.

What do we use as our actual park bag? We have tried MANY different options, but on our most recent Disney World vacation we actually found our favorite to be a reusable grocery bag, believe it or not! They are perfect because they are exactly the right size to squeeze under your stroller, are super lightweight, and you will not be worrying about dirtying them up at the theme park. These Mickey and Minnie Reusable Grocery Bags are cute and perfect for toting around Disney World!

What about you? What's in your park bag?? Please comment down below, we'd love to hear from you!

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We are heavy park packers too. My "baby" is 13 but I still carry my old Skip Hop diaper bag. It has a ton of interior and exterior pockers and two insulated bottle pockets that keep our water bottles cooler longer.


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